Headaches: Another Week Lost to Pain

Headaches for a week suck. I wake up with a headache. I go to bed with a headache. All day long I feel pain. I get grumpier and grumpier with each day and feel worse and worse. Yet, despite all the pain, I feel like I have no right to complain. At their peak, I had headaches for a month and a half with no break with the average being a month-long headache.

I have a lot of different aches and pains and have for years. I’ve never found a doctor who will actually look into the pain. The pains in my neck, back, knee and my headaches started when I was in high school. They got worse after the birth of my first child and just kept growing in magnitude. The doctors I’ve seen have left me feeling as though I can’t trust the medical industry, and I’m better off finding a system that works for me.

Three months ago, I couldn’t get into my doctor. Shocker. We never can. I got an appointment with a nurse practitioner and was happy for it. I didn’t want to see my doctor. I’d been to him over a year and a half ago about my neck and back pain and my headaches. At the appointment, I said, “If you do nothing else today, please do something for my neck. I think it causes the majority of my headaches, and I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this.” He took X-rays of my lower back and set me up with physical therapy. I was angry but not surprised.

When I went to the nurse practitioner, she decided to try me on a few neck exercises and muscle relaxers. She made it clear if this didn’t work she’d be sending me to a neurologist. So far, I love the lady. I’ve gone from month-long headaches to one-week headaches with an occasional headache here and there. I’ve also been able to cut back the number of muscle relaxers I take. The headaches still suck, but at least my life no longer revolves around them.

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