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Book Review: Dragonlance: The Dark Disciple series by Margaret Weis

I just finished the Dragonlance: The Dark Disciple series by Margaret Weis. I enjoyed the series, but not as much as the Dragonlance: Chronicles series. I’ve read several of her series, but Chronicles will probably always be my favorite. It’s nothing against The Dark Disciple series. Chronicles is just a more solid series.

The characters in Dark Disciple are well developed, but I just didn’t feel the same connections I had with the characters of Chronicles or for that matter other books I’ve liked. They’re enjoyable characters, just not characters you’ll fall in love with or remember in a month.

The plot is solid and answered a lot of questions for me. Okay, really only one question. Why is Mina’s name so dang chant-able? I never could understand why worshipers of Takhisis would be so willing to chant Mina’s name over their Dark Mistress’. In my mind, gods are jealous and they want their support, and they don’t want their supporters chanting the second in command’s name. No spoilers. The books let you in on the secret.

I liked the secret. It’s an interesting twist to the Dragonlance world, and a twist, I didn’t see coming. I only wish we could have delved deeper into the origin and perhaps a series already exists that explores the origin story or one will in the future.

Rhys Mason, a monk of Majere, should be our lead character, and he is to a degree. He’s there on most of the pages. I would have liked to have seen more of his story. For me, Rhys falls flat. I need more, and I need it to be more believable. Book 1, Rhys feels more real than the rest of the books combined. At times, Nightshade seems more real and fleshed out.

All in all, it’s a solid read. If you like fantasy or the Dragonlance series, you should find it entertaining. You’ll like the references to some of our old friends, but the nostalgia will leave you longing for more of their adventure and not the one we’re on.

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