Rewrite: I Don’t Wanna

I don’t want to do a rewrite, but I feel like I must. After finishing the first draft of the middle-grade, fantasy novel, I immediately started editing. While editing, I realized the book has minimal violence, but what is there is particularly graphic. The violence just doesn’t seem age appropriate.

At first, I debated whether I should just tone down the violence, but I felt like it would lose the reason it’s so traumatizing. I’ve worked for over nine months and didn’t want to lose it all. How could I save my novel from the trash bin?

“If only they were older,” I thought while contemplating my dilemma. I considered my story and realized the kids would age and change dramatically. The whole novel would have to be rewritten. The younger brother wouldn’t be at the kitchen table eating cereal and watching cartoons. He’d be in his room playing videos games. These seem like tiny differences, but when you consider each scene you quickly realize it’ll have to all be reworked.

I haven’t been able to find my way with the rewrite yet. It’s partly because I just don’t wanna. I liked the story I had. I needed to take out some of the humdrum scenes and add in a few more exciting ones to spice it up a little. It needed some editing. That’s it.

It’ll get there eventually. Eventually, I’ll find my groove and get it rewritten, but until then I think I’ll gripe, moan, and complain a little. I liked my story.

Update: After having my family read through the story, I’ve decided not to age up the characters. None of them found the violence a problem. I just hope other readers agree. =)

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