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Book Review: Some Assistance Required by C. L. Ogilvie

Some Assistance Required kept me turning pages. I’ve read my share of cheesy urban fantasies, but this was not one of them. The author, C. L. Ogilvie, brings a creative twist to the mundane. She manages to balance drama, comedy, action, and romance all inside one cover. I found myself reaching the end of the book, wishing this one was a series.

Her characters and storyline move the book along and keep you coming back for more. I liked every one of the characters because they all brought something to the table that added to the story. They meshed well together. It felt like I was watching a well-cast movie. Even the antagonists were likable. I’m not saying you’d want to hang out, but you understood their motives and desires. They didn’t feel like supervillains or the dreaded complete evil character. I like when you understand the antagonist’s motives. It makes for a more intriguing read. Even though I liked the characters, the storyline was the real star. The way she weaved her own magical immigration system and bigots into the story was genius. It was a great way to include some of the current world issues. It made the story feel more plausible and rooted it in the real.

I liked C. L. Ogilvie’s use of narrative. She switches between first-person narrative for our protagonist and keeps us up-to-date with our antagonists with third-person narrative. It gives you a good idea of what’s happening without giving the whole story away. The author easily navigated between the two narratives without the story feeling confusing. It added clarity. There were a few typos and missing words, but they didn’t distract from the story. I only mention them to give an accurate account of my experience.

An excellent read that I recommend to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story. I think we can look forward to some remarkable reads from this author.

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